EDUCATION: Case Studies

When John who is six years old began Reading Recovery he was already falling behind his peers in all areas of literacy. He was reading at Book Level 1 which contains simple words such as ‘Dad is cooking’ and a picture describing the text. Read more

Chloe was assessed for the Reading Recovery programme on her 6th birthday! She was reading books at Level 1 with three or four words on a page. She used the detailed pictures and photographs in the book to help her understand the text. Chloe was keen to write but showed confusion over the formation and orientation of several letters.

Chloe received 55 individual, half hour lessons, tailored specifically to her needs, over a period of 16 weeks. Through her determination and hard work, Chloe left the programme reading books at Level 19 with 350+ words. She was reading in a fluent and phrased manner, correcting herself as she went. Chloe was proud of a mini book she had written about ‘fairies through the seasons’.

After Chloe left the programme, her Reading Recovery teacher was keen to hear her read and see her writing in class on a fortnightly basis just to maintain the contact and provide a link back into the class setting.

Chloe was officially assessed again three months following the end of her individual lessons and was found to be making continued progress in line with that of her peers.

Following her 6 month check-up since she left the Reading Recovery programme, Chloe’s word reading age was seven months above her chronological age and she was easily reading the chapter books at Level 24.

Her class teacher says: ‘Chloe has made stunning progress with Reading Recovery support. Not only can she decode words in a book to a high level but her comprehension and understanding of what she reads is also very well developed.’

Chloe has just celebrated her 7th birthday. As a present for her Reading Recovery teacher, she drew a picture on which was written ‘I love writing!’ Having recently been given a ‘Kindle’ for her birthday, Chloe says: ‘I have got a Kindle and I read for fifteen minutes every day before I play any games.’

Tom was a boy who had no desire to read and would actively avoid reading if  he could. Since embarking upon the programme his teacher reports a complete change of attitude. John has discovered the joy of reading and now sees himself as a reader. His confidence has soared and his reading has taken off. The BRP teaching assistant reports she is a greeted with a ‘yes it’s reading!’ when she now collects him.

Jane’s mum reports that since embarking upon the programme her confidence has grown and that she now reads anything and everything even cereal boxes and magazines! Her bed is covered in books at bedtime!

Jack started the program as a very reluctant and quite insecure reader. He assumed that he couldn’t read and so didn’t try and always quickly asked what the word was rather than attempt to work it out for himself. Jack was quite mechanical in what he read, often stopping and then repeating words that he had already read which made it very difficult for him to understand what the story or text was that he was reading. He didn’t enjoy reading and preferred to look at the pictures and talk about what he could see then guess the story line rather than read it to find out more.

Jack had a reading age of 5 years and a reading comprehension age of 5 years and 4 months, which was well below his chronological age of 6 years and 7 months. After reading with his reading partner on a regular basis, you could see and hear a huge change in him. Jack now reads with fluency and expression and he knows and uses many strategies to help him to decode new or unfamiliar words.

He looks through texts with interest, looking for punctuation or explanation marks that he now knows he can use to make it exciting for the listener. Jack has grown in confidence to share his opinions and ideas as well as just his confidence to read out loud which has been lovely to see. After 10 weeks on the Better Reading Partnership, Jack’s reading age had improved by 10 months and his comprehension age by 1 year and 1 month.

Jacks’ Head teacher said:
‘We believe the programme has:
• increased children’s levels of engagement in the reading process
• developed children’s reading confidence
• developed children’s reading stamina
• improved children’s fluency.’