Better Reading Partnership (Guernsey)

This programme is delivered by teaching assistants who receive specialised training (based on the Reading Recovery Programme) to become reading partners. A less rigorous programme than Reading Recovery it is aimed at children with reading ages of 6 to 18 months behind and is estimated to benefit approximately 200 children in Guernsey. These children will be given three 15 minute tuition sessions each week for 10 weeks with a teaching assistant. Children participating in Better Reading Partnerships in the UK have increased their reading ages by 6 – 12 months after 10 weeks.

Boosted Reading at Primary (Jersey)

Strong reading skills are a key to learning in all areas of the curriculum. For many primary school children, reading can be a mechanical process, lacking in meaning. Children often lack motivation to read and are unable to problem-solve words independently

The BoostingReading@Primary programme supports the acquisition of good reading skills and is specifically designed to improve the way children read, enabling them to be independent problem-solvers who read with understanding and enjoyment.

BoostingReading@Primary is a 10 week intervention programme delivered one-to-one, by either a Teaching Assistant, Learning Mentor or school based volunteers, three times a week.

Reading Recovery

Many children are already falling behind their expected targets after just one year at school and a child who struggles to read from the start may never catch up, being behind their peers for the rest of their school days.

Work by Dame Marie Clay, a New Zealand primary school teacher, found that children given daily one to one structured tuition at a young age (early intervention) would regularly catch up and go on to be effective learners.

Every Child Our Future provided funding to facilitate the specialised training of 15 high quality teachers in the structured Reading Recovery programme in Guernsey, including 2 teacher leaders capable of continuing training on-island. In Jersey funding has been used to provide specialist resource.

Reading Recovery is delivered to the lowest literacy achievers in KS 1, in Jersey and Guernsey. Each child receives one to one teaching for 30 minutes a day for 12 to 20 weeks, depending on their rate of progress.

On average children following the Reading Recovery programme improve their reading age by 24 months after 18 weeks (approximately 36 hours) of teaching, with ¾ of low achieving children catching up to expected literacy levels for their age group.

This is five times the normal rate of progress and research has shown that these children continue to make progress at a normal pace with the rest of their year group once the programme ends.

“One can never appreciate ECOF enough until they have a child who has difficulty in picking up reading and needs support”



Reading Recovery supported
children during 2012 to 2015*


Average book level on entry


Average book level on completion


Average gain in reading age (in months) achieved during intervention period (15-20 weeks)


*Results from the Guernsey Programme.