Closing the education gap

Reading and writing are essential parts of growing up but some children find it hard to grasp these fundamental skills and they can quickly find themselves falling behind.

These children are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem leading to them to becoming disengaged from school and more likely to have poor attendance. The effects can be far-reaching and without providing support early on, the education gap will continue to widen.

It becomes even more difficult for struggling children to catch up when they move to secondary school which in turn can lead to poor performance in GCSEs, limiting prospects in later life.

Only 82% of children in States non fee-paying schools reach expected targets in reading at Key Stage 1*. In England overall it’s 90%. Across the non fee-paying sector about 100 children a year across 13 schools will not reach the expected standard in reading at Key Stage 1 at primary school.

The aim of Every Child Our Future is to enable 95% of children in Jersey to reach their age related standards in literacy and numeracy at Key Stage 2 through providing early intervention in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

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Services available in Jersey

In partnership with the States of Jersey Department of Education, we deliver:

•  Expert provision of trained practitioners in Reading Recovery and Boosted Reading @ Primary

•  The recruitment, vetting and training of volunteers to regularly read with those children who are just behind their age-related level


For more information on volunteering in Jersey please click on the link below.

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